Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Linda's Cuffed Earflap Knit Hat and Crocheted Scarf

This set is pretty simple and took about a day to complete, start to finish, probably because I cheated and crocheted the scarf.

The hat is a simple 2x2 rib, long enough for a cuff, and I stopped with a lot of stitches to give more fullness in the top and did not require dpns. I knit the two earflaps in moss stitch first, then when once I got to the row where I wanted to add the earflaps, I just knit/purled the earflap stitches together with the hat stitches. I finished the hat with two braided ties and a large pom.

The scarf is long and was done with a sc, ch-1 repeat across, with the next row of sc going in the ch-1 spaces. Very simple and fast and looks great in this awesome varigated yarn.


1 1/2 skeins Plymouth Encore Colorspun 7128

Size 8 circular needle (for hat)
Size I crochet hook (scarf)

Size: Large
Time: 8 hrs / set

See close-up of scarf

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