Thursday, July 24, 2008

Linda's 3 Small Hats

Just 3 simple knit hats, all small, all different, made with leftover yarn.

Linda's Green Beanie and Linenlook Scarf

This knit beanie and scarf were made from the green brushed look Plymouth Encore. The scarf is done in the linen stitch so its very soft and smooth on one side and bumpy like the seed stitch on the other side. I used a size 9 needle on the scarf to loosen it up a bit.

Size: Med Large
Time: Hat 2-3 hrs, scarf 10 hrs

Linda's Remember the '20 Hat and Scarf

The hat is a simple spiral crochet hat with a bit of a scalloped edge done at the end, and I added a crocheted rosette. This scarf is rows of single crochet.

1 1/2 sk Plymouth Encore
Size H crochet hook

Size: Large
Time: 8 hrs

Linda's Leftovers Hat and Scarf

This is was made using up the remnants of two different yarns. The blue striping yarn has brown speckles that match to the hat.

The hat was crocheted and the scarf was knit in the seed stitch. The scarf is short and would work well under the coat.



Size H crochet hook (hat)
Size 8 knitting needles (scarf)

Size: Large (hat)
Time: hat 3 hrs, scarf 6 hrs

Linda's Green Beret and Scarf

This green beret is knit from the green brushed-look yarn. The scarf was crochet with the rest of the ball of yarn and a scrap of white.


1 sk Plymouth Encore brushed green
White scrap

2 size-8 circular knitting needles
Size H crochet hook

Size: Large
Time: hat 4 hrs, scarf 2 hrs

Linda's 2 Confetti scarves and Beanies

These are just two unrelated hats and scarves that could go together. The hats were made to use up some left over dk-weight baby yarn, and the drop-stitch scarves are made from Mode Deo Confetti ribbon.

Blue hat, 1 scarf - small
Pink hat, 1 scarf - large

All of this yarn was graciously donated by The Yarn Shop and More in Overland Park, KS.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Linda's Red Fluffy Scarves

These two scarves knit using the garter stitch. Each uses 1 ball of yarn. One is shorter and wider and one is longer and narrow.

The yarn for the two scarves was graciously donated by The Yarn Shop and More in Overland Park, KS. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Linda's Baby Blue Blanket

This baby blanket is a very simple pattern using two strands of yarn held together. The pattern uses the seed stitch to seperate blocks of stockingette stitch and is 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks long.

Yarn donated by The Yarn Shop in Overland Park, KS. Thank you!


1 pound skein of worsted weight baby yarn
Size 11 knitting needles

Time: 8-10 hrs

See close-up below

Linda's Fuzzy-Wuzzy Scarves

These two 1-skein scarves are knit up very fast in garter stitch using size 11 needles.

Yarn donated by The Yarn Shop in Overland Park, KS. Thank you!

Total time for both scarves: approx. 6 hrs.

See close-up below.