Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Linda's Diagonal Striped Baby Blanket

As baby blankets go, this was pretty fast and very easy. It starts with a ch-3 circle, and increases one stitch on each end every row, with a ch-3 loop to the next row. Once the blanket is half the desired size, decrease one stitch on each end every row with a ch-2 loop to the next row. I finished it with a single-crochet border.

Some of this yarn was graciously donated to the cause via the Yarn Shop in Overland Park, and I got a bit more of the same yarn at Micheals.


Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn
- 1 skein white
- 1 skein pink
- 1 skein blue
- 1 skein pale yellow

Size I crochet hook

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