Friday, February 29, 2008

Linda's Seeded Earflap Hat and Scarf

This set is knit from one of my favorite Plymouth worsted vari-colored yards. The colors are so bright and I just love the pattern of color coupled with the texture of the seed stitch.

No-sew earflap hat

This earflap hat is fun and easy to make and starts from the bottom up. I used a pair of double point needles and made 2 3-stitch I-cords to desired length. Then i slipped both on the same doublepoint needle and worked both ear flaps row-by-row at the same time. They always seem to come out the same size ( and same mistakes! ) that way.

To make the earflaps I increased 1 stitch on each end (2 stitches per row) on the even rows with and no increase on the odd rows. I increased to 21 stitches then seed stitched 4 rows. I picked up the circular needles and using cable cast on method, I cast on 20 stitches, then knitted on the first earflap, cast on 20 more stitches, knit on the second earflap, and join, with 82 stitches on the needle. The rest was just circular seed stitch for 5 inches with a slow decrease and a crochet loop on top. And last I added tassles to the end of the I-cords.


2 skeins Plymouth Encore Colorspun worsted

Size 8, 16 inch circular needles
Size 8 double-pointed needles
Size G or H crochet hook (for loop on top of hat)

Size: Medium
Time: hat 3-4 hrs, scarf 3 hrs

See closeup of seed stitch scarf below.

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