Friday, February 29, 2008

Linda's Cuffed Earflap Hat and Brioche Scarf

This earflap hat has a cuff that can be flipped down over the earflaps for extra warmth or length. To attach the earflaps in a no-sew way, after I made the cuff portion, and 1 or two rows of the next color, I knit in the earflaps in the appropriate places by knitting 1 stitch of the flap together with 1 stitch of the existing hat. The scarf is done in Brioche stitch and is fluffy and soft.


Worsted weight yarn
- 1 200 yd skein tan
- 1 200 yd skein khaki green

Size 8, 16 inch circular needle (hat)
Size 8 double-point needles (hat)
Size 9, any length needle (scarf)

Size: Medium
Time: hat 3 hrs, scarf 3-4 hrs

See closeup of Brioche stitch scarf below.

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