Saturday, March 1, 2008

Linda's Harry Potter Hufflepuff PoA Scarf and Cap

The Harry Potter scarf is knit of washable yarn in stockinette stitch the round to form an 80-inch long tube and is fastened together on each end by fringe. This scarf is double thick, double long, and double warm.

To follow the Harry Potter PoA official style, the scarf has 15 bands of solid black and 14 bands of goldenrod stripes. The stripe pattern consists of 3 rows goldenrod, 5 rows of black, 3 rows of goldenrod and the band is about 2 inches wide. The black bands are 3 1/2 inches wide and was 18 rows on my yarn, needles, and gauge.

The cap has a black 2X2 ribbed band, and the remainder is stockinette stitch. and was decreased slowly. The cap can be worn with point on the top, or pulled down snug with the band cuffed for extra warmth on the ears.


4 skeins Plymouth Encore black
1 skein Plymouth Encore goldenrod

Size 8, 16-inch circular needle
Size 8 double-point needles

Size: Medium-Large
Time: hat 2 hrs, scarf 15 hrs

See closeup of Harry Potter Hufflepuff PoA Hat and Scarf

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